Both Ms Erwin and Ms Bouchier were invited to present at the 7th EMIN World Summit and Symposium on Mediation with Age Related Issues, in Halifax, Canada, June 2014.

The summit, which has previously been held in Canada, Ireland, the US, Switzerland, Scotland and Australia, hosted a selection of national and international speakers, presenting on diverse topics related to Elder Mediation and issues of ageing including:

Elder Abuse, Prof. Dale Bagshaw, Australia;
Transition Conflicts, Iris Fillie Utz, Germany & Switzerland;
Narrative Skills for Elder and Narrative Care Mediation, Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso, the US;
Elder Mediation as a Preventative Measure and Instrument of Self-Determination, Martina Pruckner, Austria
Elder Mediation in 2014 – What Doctors Should Know, Dr. Dough Oliver, Canada
Opportunities and Challenges for Mediation in a Guardianship Tribunal Setting, Prof. Robyn Carroll, Australia
Elder Mediators – Saviours of the Courts and its Lawyers? Kevin Lonsdale, Australia
What’s in a Name? How Elder Mediation Differs from Other Forms of Mediation, Judy McCann-Beranger, EMIN, Founder and Past-President

Karen’s presentation, drawing on our own Maeve Binchy, presents a personal perspective on ageing and Margaret’s presentation, drawing on Laue and Cormick (1978) examines the role of ethics in Elder Mediation and the work of EMIN in developing appropriate ethical standards across the globe.