Senior Solutions

Erwin Bouchier Professional Solutions (EBPS) provides an Elder Mediation service to enable individuals, families and care providers to address age-related and intergenerational issues.

Elder Mediation is a collaborative, confidential and voluntary process that supports the older person, family members and/or care personnel in constructively addressing issues and concerns that might otherwise impinge on the delivery of care and/or the quality of life of the older person. Where the older person cannot engage directly, generally a family member or advocate will speak on their behalf.

Elder Mediation is based on a wellness and empowerment model that puts the older person at the centre of the dialogue so that any decisions that are made are based, not just on the needs of the older person, but also their values and personal preferences.

In Elder Mediation, the Mediators actively support the family in exploring issues and concerns in a safe and confidential environment. The Elder Mediators help the family members to engage constructively, grounding the conversations in the personal needs of the individual family members, and in particular, the needs of the older person. Decisions emerge, sometimes in surprising new forms, from the creative engagement of those present.

In Elder Mediation, our Mediators work to a co-mediator model with two Elder Mediators working as a team. We help families and carers to address current issues and to plan for the future.

The type of issues that frequently come up in Elder Mediation include:

  • What happens if the parent/older person becomes ill or their illness progresses
  • Should/can the parent/older person remain in their own home?
  • If so, what caring structure can be put in place in relation to: adapted accommodation; meals; bathing aids; home help; visits by carers (family and others); care of pets?
  • If living at home is not feasible: sourcing, selecting and paying for assisted living
  • Financial matters, such as payment for home help, assisted living or caring.
  • Decisions in relation to assets: the family home; other property; shares; bank accounts etc
  • How is the assistance (financial and otherwise) shared by the siblings, some of whom may be locally-based and some living abroad, and with different means.
  • What are the parent’s wishes after death in relation to the funeral, burial/cremation and the division of their assets

EBPS Elder Mediators are certified by the Elder Mediation International Network and approved to practice by The Mediators’ Institute of Ireland.