‘Karen provided a superb overview and relevant examples. [She has] Excellent knowledge, experience and communication skills. The Practical examples brought the subject material to life and increased relevance. Excellent integration of practical application of cases to theory.’
MII Ethics Training Participants, 2017
‘As course co-ordinator of the Postgraduate diploma in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies at Trinity College Dublin I am very happy to recommend the mediation training provided by Erwin Bouchier Professional Solutions.

‘Mags Bouchier and Karen Erwin have been training our students in facilitative mediation for the last two years. They are very experienced in the field and bring their long-standing practice to the classroom. Each session for the students is thoroughly prepared and professionally delivered. The students benefit from undertaking role plays and practical skills development under the careful tutelage of the trainers. Student evaluations are always very positive about the training received.

‘I am pleased to report that last year twenty of our students undertook the Mediators Institute of Ireland accreditation exam after training with Ms Bouchier and Ms Erwin, and all passed very successfully. I am expecting similar results this year.’
Dr Gillian Wylie, Head of Department and Course Coordinator, TCD, 2016
‘A highly useful, relevant and valuable training course that offered the perfect blend of theory and practical skills training. The training providers have in-depth and expert knowledge in mediation service delivery, in addition to extensive experience within the professional services industry. This was made evident in the case studies presented, the dialogue generated, and the insights offered. I thoroughly enjoyed the mediation training course and would highly recommend and encourage businesses or professionals within the professional services industry, to consider this course as part of their management skills training programs.

‘Margaret is a skilled trainer, bringing both the theoretical and practical elements of the course to life, with professionalism, an inclusive approach, a friendly demeanor and with helpful encouragement along the way. The mediator training course delivered by Margaret is incredibly useful, relevant and highly effective.

‘Karen’s unique background, extensive knowledge and enthusiasm, coupled with Margaret’s experience and high quality delivery gave the course a heightened degree of excellence and impact.’
CF, HR Manager
‘I recently attended the accredited mediator programme delivered by Karen and Margaret. The 8-day programme was excellent with comprehensive content, well structured and managed at a good pace. It clearly demonstrated the power of mediation as a vehicle for dispute resolution across a spectrum of issues and it has equipped me with the skills and qualification to become an Approved MII mediator. The trainers’ expertise and passion for mediation enables a highly interactive and productive programme. While mediation is currently mostly used for dispute resolution, this programme could be of huge benefit to organisations in basic management training of dispute prevention.’
‘I retained Ms Margaret Bouchier of Working Solutions for a number of assignments in the recent past. The focus of these assignments was to facilitate and support colleagues in the work place to make progress on complex issues leading to desired and sustainable outcomes in line with organisation goals. I have been very impressed with Ms. Bouchier’s skills and expertise in helping people navigate a way through their difficulties on a ‘win, win’ basis using mediation and conflict resolution skills.

‘I would certainly have no hesitation in re-engaging the services of Ms. Bouchier in the event of further need arising in the future for an independent facilitator/negotiator.’
CEO, Medical Facility
‘Thanks to Mags Bouchier we managed to negotiate an acceptable outcome to a complex copyright issue. Mags’ expertise in supported negotiation enabled us to resolve our issues and to walk away with our work relationship intact.’
Managing Partner, Film Company
‘I really enjoyed the day. The benefit already is that I am more consciously stopping and thinking about what I say to people. I am also ‘listening’ more intently to people when they are speaking – which can only be a good thing.’
JG, Consultant
‘The XXXXX Hospital engaged with Ms Margaret Bouchier to assist with an intra departmental matter that needed to be approached in a sensitive way by a professional, competent in the field of mediation.

‘During this difficult situation Ms Bouchier displayed her skill in supporting opposing parties to deconstruct and negotiate complex issues with a view to achieving mutually acceptable outcomes.’
HR Manager, Dublin Hospital